Thursday, September 6, 2007

Stereotypes protest in Hollywood

Stereotypes are protesting at the gates of all the major Hollywood studios.

It’s not fair”, said bumbling British fop Hugh Grant, “they never put us in films anymore. When was the last time you saw me play a bumbling British fop?”.

Other well known faces in attendance were swarthy aging Arab stereotype Omar Sharif, swarthy aging Italian stereotype Ricardo Montalban, old eternally wise black men stereotypes Morgan Freeman and James Earl Jones, nerdy nervous weakling stereotype Rick Moranis and wise cracking annoying sidekick stereotype Tom Arnold.

Hollywood just doesn’t use stereotypes the way they used to”, bemoaned explosive midget Italian-American mob wise guy stereotype, Joe Pesci, “I’m here supporting all of us Italian-American mob stereotypes, especially the guys from The Soprano’s. What the hell are they gonna do now that the shows been axed?”.

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