Sunday, March 9, 2008

"Nazi Supermen Are Our Masters" - Mel Gibson tells Jewish school kids

Movie star/director/nut-case, Mel 'Gibbo' Gibson, has once again shocked the respectable world of Hollywood by declaring his 'admiration' for Nazi's - to a group of Jewish school children while visiting their school.

Gibson - described as 'bonkers' by one little boy - entered the classroom with his ageing xenophobic Father and began ranting and raving while handing out food vouchers for his local KKK-owned supermarket and homemade gingerbread Hitler cookies.

"He told us that Nazi supermen are our masters. What's a Nazi?", sobbed 9-year-old Timmy.

The children's schoolteacher Miss Sensible sensed danger and immediately instructed the class to resume the Gibbo position.

"Every Jewish school has a Gibbo safety policy which we practice twice a day", said the sensible Miss Sensible , "some people thought we were too reactionary but thank god for our training".

At the end of his rant, Gibson leapt from a 3rd floor window to the street below and escaped -naked - by foot into surrounding brush.
His Father took the stairs. Literally.
Firemen had to use ladders to rescue the stranded kids.

Gibson has subsequently apologized for his outburst and blamed it on drink and society.