Thursday, September 20, 2007

Communist Party stages Belly Dancing festival of culture

The Chinese Communist Party, noted for it’s charitable works and general kindness, has staged a muti-cultural belly dancing festival along the streets of Bel Air.

We thought it was time to show our appreciation of our wonderful American friends", said party spokesman Fuk Yu.

The festival, entitled “Jolly Jolly Happy Happy Belly Dancing Time”, attracted a crowd of Communist and non-Communist alike.

I’m here for the belly’s”, said grizzled actor Nick Nolte.

Another attendee was Professor Steven Hawking and his robot.
Now this is what I call a Communist Par-tay!”, electronically commented the wheelchair bound Professor.

Fuk Yu was pleased with the days events.
It was very jolly. Lots of good time had by all and we raise lot of money for our millionaire leaders back home to build nice things for next years Olympic Games”.

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