Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sales of fake voices exceed those of cinema admissions

Spiderman 3 and Transformers may have packed them in at the box-office but movie earnings fall way begind those of fake voices.
Spurred by the demands of Hollywood celebrities, fake accent sales have gone through the roof with prices ranging from $5 to $500,000.

Madonna is a big spender”, said Jimmy Jimjimwolawolah of fakecelebaccents.crap, “she buys from us all the time, usually Victorian British accents the kind nanny’s used to speak”.

Mike Myers and Robin Williams are partial to a little fake Scottish, which they tend to uveruse a bit too much for my liking. We have a host of Aussie actors such as the lead guy that was in The Guardian and the main guy from Nip Tuck - now they spend a lot on high grade US accents”.

Celebrity attention such as this has encouraged regular citizens to splash their cash to the tune of almost 8 billion dollars.

We had a woman from Michigin order a bunch of Romanian accents last week”, said Jimmy, “but I’m guessing it was probably just Madonna again".

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