Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sister Act actress trapped in chimney

Big boned comedian Kathy Nijimy, who played a jolly nun in the Sister Act movies is fighting for her life after getting trapped in a chimney.
Nigimy was heard screaming “Oh, god, not again”, as she poked her head up above the chimney pot.

Firefighters fought for 16 hours to free the comedian after their attempts where hampered by a plague of locusts and a tornado.

Conditions were not ideal”, understated Fire Chief Waldo Baggins,Miss Nagimy is a large woman. How she came to be trapped in a chimney is a mystery but we eventually managed to free her”.

Flown to a private hospital, Nagimy was rushed to intensive care. At her bedside was friend Whoopi Goldberg.
I don’t know what she was thinking going up there again. Once is forgivable, twice is insane”, coughed Goldberg as she sucked on the end of a lit drainpipe.

Nagimy has claimed she was “researching a role”, which was exactly the same thing she said when the same thing happened back in 1999.

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