Monday, September 10, 2007

African Charity donates money to Church of Scientology

African based charity “The Good Givers” has donated a large unspecified sum of money to the Church of Scientology.

We heard on the radio about the plight of the Scientologists in America”, said spokeswoman Adejale Bijunbumbo of “The Good Givers”, “every sixty seconds a Scientologists goes broke somewhere in the US. Our donation we hope will help bring some relief to these poor people”.

“The Good Givers” were founded in 1984 in Ethiopia by a group of friendly Warlords backed by Britain and the Reagan Administration here in the US.
Although the donation is unspecified, it is thought to exceed three Billion dollars.

"We hope the Scientologists can rebuild some of their centers and continue to make money for loony Hollywood stars", said a teary eyed Mr. Bijunbumbo


Formerly Fooled said...

lol!! I love it!!!!! Too funny!!!!

Jesus Budda said...

Glad you escaped, Formerly Fooled