Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lindsey lohan trains sheep to tapdance for new TV show

Bonkers celebrity bitch, Lindsey Lohan has been busy lately training sheep how to tapdance for a new POX show. Entitled “Lindsey Tap-Dances With Sheep”, the show sees Lindsey undertake to teach different dance moves each week to a group of rythmless sheep.

“It’s a way to combine my two great loves”, said Lohan, “dance and animals”.

Viewers are invited to vote by tele-pole for their favorite sheep each week and which one goes back to the slaughter house.

Some say it’s cruel”, said producer Alotta Munny, “some say it’s car-crash TV with Lindsey at the steering wheel. Well I say it’s just plain old greed, Baby”.

“Lindsey Tap-Dances With Sheep” debuts September 20 on POX.

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