Monday, September 10, 2007

Benitio del Toro to star in Hellboy 2

Actor Benitio del Toro has been cast as “Mumble Man” in the sequel to comic book movie Hellboy.

I’ve admired Benito for his whole career”, said fat red haired, beardy director Guillermo del Torres.
The film will see Hellboy, played by Ron Pearlman, taking on the Chinese Communist Party led by lizard monster “Colin” (played by British actor Colin Firth).

This film will be unique”, said del Torres, “in that nothing happens and you get to see nothing for the whole 2 hour runtime.All you hear are random voices and the odd sound effect.
Asked if this might put off some viewers, del Torres was adamant it would not.
The fan boy geeks will go watch anything- even if there is nothing there to see. They are so dumb”,laughed del Torres as his belly wobbled in excited bliss and foam gathered around the corners of his gaping mouth.

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