Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Britney Spears to play Statue of Liberty in new movie

Baldy singer Brittany Spears will play the Statue of Liberty in a new Hollywood movie being produced by Warner Brothers.

Custody for Liberty” shows the battle the statue fought in 1889 to keep custody of it’s infant daughter.

Liberty has lead an incredible life”, said director Martin Scorsese, “ her affair with the Eiffel Tower, her struggle to hold onto their love-child, her depression and drugs fuelled rants. All these things are going to be shown in the movie”.

I met Brittany last year in a junkyard”, continued Scorsese, “A lovely girl. Very dedicated to the role. I think she will bring a lot of her own life experiences to the part”.

The film co-stars “Seinfeld’s” Jason Alexander as The Eiffel Tower, William Baldwin as the “Jefferson Memorial” and Camryn Manheim as “Graceland”.

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