Friday, September 28, 2007

Bill Cosby banned from Great Wall of China

Cosby show jazz lover, Bill Cosby has been banned from the Great Wall of China for life, according to Communist Party Officals. Cosby claims he knows of no reason for the ban:
Ya see”, jived Cosby, “I’m so busy with the jazz, that I can’t be responsible for what the jazz happens out there (The Great Wall)”.

Communist Offical Fuk Yu explained the reasons for the dramatic move:
Mr Cosby caused mayhem with his wild use of ‘jazz-hands‘, which in our country it is a very bad thing. He spread his crazy jazz ideas to our people by writing “jazz poetry“ all over the structure. How would you like if I went to the Statue of Liberty and drew a moustache and comedy glasses on her face? You wouldn‘t like it, would you. That is what Mr Cosby did to our beloved wall”.
Cosby later admited to covering almost twenty miles of the Great Wall in what he called “jazz poetry”.

They needed to know what-the-jazz, the jazz is”, pleaded Cosby as he was deported.

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