Tuesday, September 11, 2007

“Dancing Rascists” musical wows Broadway critics and fans

Dancing Racists‘”, a depression-era set musical starring Jean Claude Van Damme and Piper Perabo has been drawing in record box office numbers with multiple sell out shows.

It’s a phenomenom”, said Van Damme, “I haven’t been this popular since Time Cop and even then I wasn't that popular”.

The musical deals with themes of love and loss amongst a small town community in rural America.

We have to come to terms with such things as robot monsters, killer plants, angry black people and stuff like that”, continued Van Damme.

Suprisingly the musical has even attracted praise from unlikely sources such as Amnesty International.

It features stereotypes of all colors and creeds”, said Lizzie Dolson of Amnesty International, “the dancing minstrel housemaid, the Irish drunken thief, the Chinese kung-fu expert chef and they even manage to squeeze in a part for an igloo building Inuit”.

“Dancing Rascists” is produced by Mel Gibsons production company Icon and directed by Gibson’s father.

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