Monday, August 6, 2007

Paris Hilton and Pope Benedict expecting a baby

Paris Hilton and Pope Benedict are expecting their first child together.
A Vatican spokesman confirmed that the happy couple are due their first child later in the year - possibly december 25th.
Paris and Benny have been dating for only a few months. They first hooked up at a charity event organised by Playboy magazine owner Hugh Hefner. "It was love at first sight" said Hefner. "They are a perfect couple and I wish them all the happyness in the world. Benny and I go back a long while. He's a fabulous practical joker and ladies man. He and Paris together is like a match made in heaven", continues Hefner.
This will be the Pontiffs second child. This is Miss Hilton's first baby.
The happy couple are said to be decorating a kiddies room at the Popes lush pad in Rome.

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