Sunday, August 19, 2007

Desperate Housewives actor breeds sea monkeys to take over the world

Desperate Housewifes” and former “Twin Peaks” FBI agent Kyle McLochlan breeds sea monkeys.
It’s a childhood hobby I’ve never grown out of”, noted McLochalan, “soon I’ll have a sea monkey army to rival any in history. And then I’ll take over the world”.


Sea Monkey Geek said...

Cool. Where'd you find this quote?

Jesus Budda said...

You like Sea Monkey's a bit too much.
In answer to the question you left on ,we got this quote direct from the horses mouth.

SeaMonkeyGeek said...

Ha ha. Guess I should have taken a better look at your site before asking this question.

No, I like Sea Monkeys just enough. I mean, I do have human friends. :)