Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dakota Fanning stages anti French demonstration

Racist starlet Dakota Fanning is organising a mass rally to kick the French out of America.
There are Frogs everywhere. We’re going to run them out of our country. And then when were finished we’re going to wipe those garlic eaters out of Canada too”, pronounced the youngster.


Steve said...

At least Dakota's doing something for her country these days! It's a big step up from portraying a nine year old nymphet and exotic dancer for the benefit of all her young fans... and old perverts besides. And yes, I always thought John Kerry was really French. Is his real name Jean LeKerre?

Jesus Budda said...

Kerry shines toothpicks for orphaned walruses. He's rumoured to be dating french Mr Bean lookalike Sarkozy behind his crazy wife's back