Sunday, August 5, 2007

Britney Spears shot J.F.K

Britney Spears has revealed to a psychic that it was she - not Lee Harvey Oswald - that shot U.S President John F. Kennedy.

The shocking revelation was revealed during a seance at a downtown L.A paranormalist's store.
Miss Spears declared - while under hypnosis -that she used her vast fortune to fund the creation of a time machine so that she could travel back to the 1960's where she originally intended to purchase the unique fashion of the day - a gold lame mini skirt with diamonte details. Unfortunately Government sources - in league with Mafia bosses with Soviet connections - heard of her plan and convinced her to assainate Mr. Kennedy.

Using another device she funded earlier - a cloning machine - Spears made duplicates of herself. She arranged to be in several different locations on that faithful Dallas day including the book depository and the grassy knoll where she/they took aim and did her/their evil deed.
Mr Oswald was the stooge who took the fall in Miss Spears absense.
Miss Spears is convinced that what she delared is the truth but she cannot explain where the time machine or cloning device are now. The C.I.A, F.B.I and LAPD detectives are attempting to reopen the case.

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