Sunday, August 5, 2007

Madonna eats gerbils!!!

Breaking news!
Reports from an unnamed employee working for Madonna has claimed that apparently the "Queen of slop" eats gerbils. Her bizarre behaviour was discovered during a flight from New York to Los Angeles where she was interrupted in the airplane toilet while in the process of swallowing one of the furry rodents alive.

A spokesman for Gerbils Anonymous, Mike Wirey, has called for Miss Ciccone to seek urgent assistance for her addiction. Speaking by telephone from his Beverly Hills apartment, Mr. Wirey said: " It's obvious that Madonna has a serious problem which must be addressed." He further advised: " As a role model to millions of people she needs to think of the suffering she inflicts on this beloved household pet. The people of America will not stand for this sort of behaviour.She should at the very least kill the creatures before swallowing them.".
Staff at Celebathon are in negotiations for photographic evidence.
Representatives for Madonna were unavailable for contact.*

*We never bothered trying to contact them

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