Monday, August 6, 2007

George Bush to live in africa

President Bush wants to live in Africa and become a Tarzan-like figure.
Speaking to The Financial Times Affrican Correspondent, Nijume Biyahlo, Mr. Bush said:
"I like Africa. And the africanese peoples. I like lions and elephants.And monkeys.I see myself as a modern day Tarzan.I would love to climb trees and kill crocodiles.Obviously I will need to bulk up a little and learn the africanese language but once my time as commander in chief has ended I will fullfill my true ambition to live wild".
When questioned on the difficulties he might face Mr. Bush responded:
" My mom, Barbara, has been living in a treehouse in our back yard for over 4 years and she has become quite the survivalist. She promises to pass on all her knowledge to me."

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