Thursday, August 9, 2007

C.S.I star Caruso counts himself lucky

CSI Miami star David Caruso counts himself lucky to be alive after escaping the jaws of death during filming of the series finale.
Caruso, who plays “Detective Horatio Caine” in the CBS hit show describes how he was pulled to safety by stuntmen seconds before being crushed by a pair of giant sun glasses.
It was extreme. I would have died if it hadn’t been for the swift thinking of the stunt team”, he coolly whispered.
Series producer Jerry Bruckheimer added ,“ the story called for guest star Pope Benedict to leap from a moving car. As we were filming the scene a 50 foot pair of designer sun shades dropped from the sky, narrowly missing David”.

Asked where the shades came from, Bruckheimer was unable to answer. “I honestly have no idea. They weren’t even a stage prop“, he shrugged.

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