Thursday, August 9, 2007

Marilyn Monroe was eaten by Elephant

Screen legend Marilyn Monroe was eaten by an elephant is the dramatic claim made in a new biography by her “Some like it hot” co-star Tony Curtis. “The F.B.I were involved”, explains Curtis, “They planned the whole thing months in advance down at Peter Lawford’s place. Marilyn confided in me. She knew she could trust me.”

Forensics will prove it all. They just need to dig up the body. Science has advanced to such a level nowadays that they can check these things”, the bouffant haired lady man excitedly shouted, “Marilyn was part of a Indian plot involving former friends of Ghandi. They wanted her dead and the only way of doing that was with the assistance of the American government lead by Kennedy."

"J F K used and manipulated Marilyn so that he could get to meet me and when I brushed him off he lost it. He went berserk and turned to those goddamned Indian sons of bitches. That wasn‘t even her body they buried. It was a body double”.

Marilyn was fed to those elephants like peanuts to a monkey. She didn’t stand a chance”, the old timer sniffed while signing autographs.

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