Thursday, August 9, 2007

Inventor of the outtake dies

How would we enjoy the end credits of a bad comedy without them? We have a lot to be grateful to Miss Debra Winger, inventor of the outtake. Winger, the star of “An officer and a Gentleman” and the voice of “ET” came upon the idea during the making of “Shadowlands”.

Anthony (Hopkins) and I were waiting between takes for a camera setup. It was a very dramatic moment where I was on my deathbed and we had this long scene together”, the hilarious actress describes, “ I bend over to pick up the script when my pants split and my eyes popped out. Next thing you know the whole crew are in fits of hysterics. Anthony laughed so much that his colostomy bag exploded. And that’s what we included in the end credits as a bonus for the audience”.
Winger was awarded an technical Oscar for her achievements. She died alone at her Malibu beach home in the early hours of yesterday morning. Very few are expected to attend her funeral.

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