Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Pink and Nelson Mandela to duet

Following the success of his multi platinum selling debut album “Datz Da Bomb”, former South African president Nelson Mandela is to perform with Pink on her next tour. “Pink is da bomb, baby”, screeched the octogenarian hip cat, “she and I are gonna make some noise, you know what I’m sayin’, aieee”.

Pink is full of praise for the Apartheid reformer, “He is one of history’s most important people. He has achieved so much in his life. His music and lyrics are so heartfelt and emotional. I’ve sung with amazing people before like Mya and Lil Kim. Nelson is a true artist.”
Mandela’s debut album featured a number of duets with supermodel Naomi Campbell such as “Youse a Crazy Be-atch” and “Datz whack, Jack”.

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